“Arrakis. Desert planet. Dune.”

There are many things to love about Frank Herbet’s 1965 novel, Dune, widely acknowledged as one of the best sci-fi works of all time. Wandering Fremen / Zen Buddhist freedom fighters; a secret sisterhood of all-knowing witches (Herbert is not in the feminist sf cannon); giant worms excreting hallucinogenic spice that is snorted by mutant humans in order to “fold space”; evil galaxy-spanning conspiracies of the aristocracy, all wrapped up in a planetary eco-aesthetic that was radical for its time.

Addictive megalomania is born: Dune II (1992) the first RTS planetary destructo-base-buildy computer game based not-at-all-on-the-novel-really to stunt many a young geek’s adolescence.

Dune is about lives unfolding amid precarious ecological relationships, the unpayable and incalculable pan-galactic debt to worm poo, about the limits to knowledge and the need for humility in the face of eco-meltdown, will to power, prophesy and promises to save… Though there are no jokes. Not one single genuine rib-tickling moment; no wonder David Lynch played it for laughs.

Which leads me to my first post. Here goes the blog/website thing. It is born of several imperatives: 1) my antiquated and ugly university website; 2) realising I have bits of notes about random stuff from the last X years scribbled everywhere and nowhere and this constitutes “a mess”; 3) archive life / death drive (let’s repress that one for now); 4) trying to bump “Find out about John Franklin Ginn, who has been listed as a criminal offender or sex offender” off the hits on my Google search page [true factoid] – my name will remain, however, Franklin Ginn.

If, in a few year’s time, there are ramblings on space worms, eco-apocalypse, evil conspiracies, sisterhoods of creatures large and small, then the Blog Title that seemed apposite today may still be vaguely relevant.