Call for Papers: Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time: Haunting | Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network

Call for Papers: Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time: Haunting
Posted on 11th February 2016 by David Farrier

Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time: Haunting
9-5pm, Wednesday, 20th April 2016
Project Room, 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh

The third and final workshop in the Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time series, organised by the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network.

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CFP: Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time – Enchantment | Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network

via Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network – Some details of the first of our three upcoming workshops on deep time…

Earlier this year the discovery of homo naledi propelled enchantment into a framework of deep time. The speculation is that early human ancestors, perhaps from as much as 4 million years ago, may have ritually buried their dead in the dark Rising Star caves. The questions of when, where and for whom the world first appeared as enchanted have abruptly shifted from the 200,000 or so years of homo sapiens into a much longer past. Elsewhere, the deep future of enchantment can be gleaned from discussions around the future of nuclear waste. Will future descendants still be enchanted by this ‘new immortal’? If so how do present humans protect them from their own curiosity when conventions of communication are so closely embedded within shallow time? …

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Writing Place in the Environmental Humanities: Five Ideas – EEHN

As part of our series on key practices in the environmental humanities, around twenty members and guests of the Edinburgh EH Network spent an afternoon discussing approaches to writing. We listened to readings by Hayden Lorimer, Maria Fusco, and Fraser MacDonald. Subsequent discussions focused on the ethics, techniques, constraints and demands of writing place. Here are five points distilled from these conversations and our speakers’ reflections…

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