I am Franklin Ginn, a geographer at the University of Bristol.

I research and write about how people, animals, and plants become entangled in particular spaces – real and imaginary, contemporary and in the past. I joined Bristol University in 2016 after four years at the University of Edinburgh. I completed my PhD at King’s College London in 2010. I was educated at the University of Cambridge, and Canterbury University (New Zealand), and also have a background in sustainable development policy and advocacy, having worked at NGOs including Global Action Plan and Forum for the Future.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi there,
    I’m just hoping you might have written a response to Bruno Latour’s 5th and 6th Gifford Lectures? I’m loving them, but a bit out of my depth with their complexity, and have found your comments on the earlier lectures very useful.
    ps. I’m a high school teacher (Biol/Geog) in Melbourne, writing a response to Latour’s ideas for a Masters subject in Environmental Education.

    • Hi Fiona,
      Glad they’re of help. I missed the last one, actually, and never got round to a final write-up of the last two. It is on the to-do list; that and a review of Modes of Existence.

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