Living with awkward creatures – special section

Our special section in Environmental Humanities on “Living with Awkward Creatures” is out, online and open access:¬† with wonderful pieces by Kelsey¬† Green, Sebastian Abrahamsson and Filippo Bertoni, Jeremy Brice, and Jamie Lorimer! With Uli Beisel and Maan Barua.
Wikicommons, Kentaro Ohno,
Giant Isopod. Wikicommons, Kentaro Ohno,

Lego Earth / Planet Laboratory


Lego - HGRG away dayAt our Geography Away Day yesterday we made lego diaromas of our research. This is the Earth / Planet Lab. Black core at the bottom, then brown crust, green/blue biosphere, light blue sky, up to the starry night-sky, with cosmic darkness as the backdrop. In the foreground, experimenting on not the Earth, but on their vision of the planet (itself on a pedestal), we have two figures: one with her hand hovering on the green button (go!) the other, cowboy clad, on a platform operating a giant something-or-other pointed at North America. The black pipeline at the rear reaches from the core to the sky – I couldn’t decide what it was.