Anthropocene origin tales: another

Animated along some life-seeking vector, a seed pod lands on a pile human of refuse. Refuse composed not of circuit boards; not a fridge mountain, nor an endless sea of biodegradable shopping bags, but a heap of bone and faeces. The seed pod has no ears, no vision, but nevertheless fits perfectly in its own world. Its world is made of warmth and cold, the regular play of light and dark, and quiet, thrifty labour. The seed sits; it works slowly.


 At the far edge of the rough settlement they pile the gall bladders, flesh-boiled skulls, unsavoury meats and the withered leaves. They throw whatever they no longer need in hollow dips dug in the ground. There they urinate and defecate. When one of these pits is filled they dig another.


 The seed visitor grows.


 The first garden was not Eden. The first garden was started by a lucky plant; a plant that accepted a generous gift of human shit. The first garden was an inter-kingdom exchange.


Have all along plants been cultivating us even as we cultivated them?


Gardening person
Gardening person

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