Light or dark political ecologies?

My review essay of Jane Bennet’s Vibrant Matter has just sneaked into 2012, in the last issue of this year in BioSocieties.

Vibrant MatterI’m the only review essay in the section, sadly. The editors of this journal were lovely to work with, and its great to have the chance to rant away for 3,000 words about such an influential book (and below, er… Nik Rose in the contents – yikes).


Latour on Gaia

Bruno Latour is giving the Gifford Lectures in Edinburgh next February – “Facing Gaia: A new enquiry into Natural Religion”. He’ll be giving a series of six lectures, which sound intriguing. Here, for example, is his abstract for lecture five, War of the Worlds: Humans Against Earthlings:

In the absence of any Providence to settle matters of concern — and thus of nature, its barely disguised substitute — no peaceful resolution of Gaian conflicts can be expected. The recognition of a state of war and the designation of enmity is indispensable if a state of diplomacy is later to be reached. Under the pressure of so many apocalyptic injunctions, what is a Gaian political theology?

This sounds like an awesome way to end February.